Palacegarden Champions

Jim and Jean have bred five UK champions, Ch. Palacegarden Sullivan, Ch. Palacegarden Donovan, Ch. Palacegarden Jezebel, Ch. Palacegarden Baroque and Ch. & Int. Ch. Palacegarden Finnegan at Delwin. Finnegan is owned and campaigned by Mrs Grace Godwin.

UK Champions

Champion Palacegarden Sullivan

Delwin’s Touch of Blarney x Palacegarden Idle Fancy

Champion Palacegarden Sullivan at 8 months

Ch. Sullivan at 8 months

Sullivan won his first RCC when he was 8 months old at South Wales Pekingese Association Championship Show.
He was Reserve Best Dog in Breed at Crufts 06 winning another RCC. He has won 5 RCCs and 3 CCs.
On gaining his title under specialist judge A. Easdon, Sullivan retired from the show ring so that Jim could campaign his litter brother, Donovan.

Sheila Smith  -  South Wales Pekingese Association Championship Show

“Lovely, shapely, fawn brindle of great quality, very short in back, low to ground, excellent front, short well bowed sturdy little legs, fabulous facial features presenting a lovely expression, he moved round the ring with great panache, this one should have a brilliant future, just couldn’t resist awarding him RDCC and BPD.”

Stephanie Penman - UK Toydog 06
CC and BOB

“Small red brindle in tremendous harsh coat. He really took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Exquisite head, wide and shallow with good nostrils. So well balanced all round, short, pearshaped body, low to ground, broad chest, great spring of rib. Moved and showed steadily with dignity. Quality dog of great balance and type.”

Albert Easdon -  Birmingham May 06

“Quality dog, very well presented in excellent coat and condition. Large doggy head, short neck, very good body and bone, high tailset moved all in one piece and quality exhibit. He now becomes a very worthy champion.”
Champion Sullivan with Jim Smith

Ch. Sullivan with Jim

Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Delwin’s Touch of Blarney x Palacegarden Idle Fancy

Donovan was campaigned throughout 07. He has 5 RCCs and 3 CCs, which is the same as his brother’s achievement. He was awarded his title under breed specialist M. Mallows at Darlington. He was the winner of the Pekingese Club Gold Medal for 07.

Carol Greenway - Border Union 07

“Exquisite red brindle, wonderful pigmentation, low to the ground, cobby and sound. My size of dog. Head wide, shallow and level, gorgeous clean dark eyes, wrinkle and nose well-placed, good width of muzzle, short, solid neck set on sound shoulders, levellest of backs and high tailset, excellent depth and width to ribcage, good, sound limbs. Joy to watch whilst on the move – Lovely boy!”

Andrea Livesey - North of Scotland

“Red small dog with big shallow head excelling in breed type. Short and thickset lovely body shape, level back, picks up heavy. Head set well into shoulders, lovely eye, open nostrils with stop well up between eyes, quality expression. Thick bowed front legs, shoulders tight against side of body with deep slung chest. Typical movement, slow and dignified. Not overcoated which shows off his shape well.”
Champion Palacegarden Donovan wining a RCC

Ch. Donovan won a RCC from Judge T. Nethercott at the Ventura

Champion Palacegarden Donovan wining a CC

Ch. Donovan with Judge M. Mellows who gave him his third CC

Champion Palacegarden Jezebel

Champion Palacegarden Sullivan x Palacegarden Inamorata 1CC

Champion Palacegarden Jezebel

Ch. Jezebel at 6 months

Daughter of two homebred pekingese. Jezebel made a fabulous start to her show career when she was Best Bitch in Breed at Crufts 06 and was awarded her first CC. She won her title very quickly and became a champion at 18 months old. Below is Jean’s favourite photo of Jezebel with her Crufts Cup.

J D Simpson - Crufts 06

“Just over 12 months and she looked a picture. She has a large, wide, shallow head with flat profile and lustrous dark eyes. Flat top, correctly placed ears with lovely fringing. Shortest of necks, tight, firm elbows, beautiful spring of rib. Level top-line and finished off with correct tailset. Short-coupled body with distinct waist. Right amount of coat for age. Well presented and handled.”

Champion Palacegarden Baroque

Champion Palacegarden Donovan x Palacegarden Posh 2RCCs

Baroque is a son of a homebred Palacegarden champion.
He won his 4th CC and Best of Breed at Blackpool Championship Show 2009 under breed specialist Mr G Davies

Mr G Davies - Blackpool Championship 09
CC and BOB

“A dignified aristocrat whose style and movement is difficult to match. A perfectly made dog of excellent proportions and overall balance. Possessing a masculine headpiece with a perfect top skull, excellent pigment, superb front and rib, strong, well-muscled hindquarters and excellent tailset. Take his tail back and you experience his great body shape, with a defined waist and I could just watch him move all day.”